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Teen Christmas Fun

The Chrsitmas Tree title pageThe Christmas Tree

Submitter: There’s really nothing wrong with this book, aside from the god-awful pictures and the fact that no 21st century teenager is going to pick this one up when we have newer, more attractive books available. I swear the family in the first picture is in a cult; nothing else could explain that tree!

Holly: Teenagers?  This is a teen book? Wow.  It will probably be snatched up in a used book sale in a hot minute (not by teens…), but there’s not a lot of reason to keep it in a modern library.  If you have unlimited space…nah, I’d still weed it.

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Friday Fiction – Silver Spurs

Silver Spurs coverKnigge
Silver Spurs

Submitter: I am a public children’s librarian and started at this library in January. Before I started, this library never weeded ever. I thought I had gone through the whole collection until the holiday books came out. That’s when I noticed Silver Spurs.  Published in in 1973, this book hasn’t circed at my library since the ‘80s, possibly the ‘70s. I can’t be sure since it last time circed before the electronic catalog was implemented in 1993. I do know, however, that it circed a total of 4 times.  The story is cute enough: the tiniest of elves helps Santa solve his dilemma of entering narrow chimneys. The book, though, was so old that it is yellowing and grimy, despite only 4 circs. The things that made Silver Spurs stand out from the other yellowing, grimy Christmas picture books was its record insert. That’s right: this book comes with a record. Remember those?

Holly: I think I might have had this when I was a kid.  It looks really familiar, and I was a big fan of books that came with records back then.  Anything yellowing and grimy has to go, and unless you have a whole “vintage” collection of books with records, just one looks like a forgotten mistake (which is was!).  Good catch, Submitter!

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