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Dear Santa, I want a husband!

Christmas Husband cover

The Christmas Husband

It is that time of year when all the holiday themed romances start getting some circulation action. Today’s choice seems to be a book mashup of Sleepless in Seattle and Christmas in Connecticut.

Radio love doctor, Madison, dispenses relationship advice to the folks of San Francisco. Of course, she is has no boyfriend or family. Her staff at the radio keeps her personal life under wraps so she can continue her mystique as Dr. Love. At the same time we have Steven, a widower with a kid. Steven is lonely and of course “meet cute” circumstances bring our loveless Dr. Love and Steven, the lonely single dad together. Romance and Christmas follows. Of course there is a happily ever after!


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Yule Be Mine

Yule be mine cover

Yule Be Mine

As we finish up the year 2013, I thought a holiday-themed romance was in order for our Friday Fiction selection. Giselle ends up working with some serious forbidden fruit. In this case, it is her super hunky ex brother-in-law, Sam. Yikes! This is just what is needed for the holidays, more family drama!

But wait, it gets better! Journalist Giselle works for a lifestyle magazine called Life Trendz and she is going to Sedona, Arizona to cover a story.  She has heard also that Sedona is the happening place around Christmas time because of the certain spike in an energy vortex that can help a woman through tough romantic times. (Really.)  She was all set and then her gay best friend and photographer cancelled. Guess who the replacement is? That’s right, kids, none other than hunky Sam, the ex brother-in-law. Will they work it out? It just might be a Christmas miracle!



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