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Hockey Time

ice hockey cover

Make the Team in Ice Hockey

Hockey materials are almost a requirement for public libraries (at least in this neck of the woods).  They circ well and instruction books like this are often hot items for both the players and adult coaches. This particular book, though, is so dated that it probably should have been weeded a long time ago. When I weeded this item, it had not gone out in about 5 years, while similar titles that were newer circulated well.

For the time period, this book is pretty comprehensive. The text is a bit dense and it is probably geared to middle school age or older. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of sports would recognize that when players are pictured with no helmets or modern safety gear, it is a weeding candidate.

Time to put this one in that great penalty box in the sky.


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Howe to do Hockey

Hockey Here's Howe coverHockey… Here’s Howe

In Detroit, and probably in other big hockey towns, it feels sacrilegious to weed something with Gordie Howe on the cover. (For non-hockey people, please refer to this Wikipedia link for a brief bio on Mr. Hockey.)

This book is hockey instruction rather than a biography. For safety equipment alone, this book is weed-worthy. The pros didn’t wear helmets back then and the NHL didn’t require them until the late 1970s. Of course there are no mentions of girls playing either. Let’s just say it is a product of the times.

This is one of those times where we could make a great case for keeping an old book like this for a modern audience. Gordie Howe fans would appreciate this book, and I could see even a place in a public library for an item like this that holds great sentimental value to a community. It does have to leave the juvenile nonfiction collection for more current materials geared to that audience. The rest of us can enjoy this as a relic from a time when the NHL was just the original six and guys didn’t wear helmets.



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