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Beauty Tips

Total Beauty Catalog coverTotal Beauty Catalog

Submitter: The book is full tips, crazy tips about beauty. Plenty of head scratchers:

-Male executives telling women where the safe places are to jog.

-“I am beginning to smell like Ajax”

-“Lines, Lines, go away, go and visit Doris Day”

-Your hair will grow faster when the moon is in a water sign

-“Don’t judge by appearances. She who appears to be a dumb blond may be a bright brunette.”

Holly: This is great! And by great, I mean awful. Its public library time has come and gone, for sure. I did enjoy the passages shared by Submitter, though. As someone who has had gray hair since my early 30s, I should apparently check my PABA intake. (Nah, I’m banking on a full head of gorgeous silver hair. Maybe ten years to go!)

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Open Wide

Open Wide coverOpen Wide – It Won’t Hurt

Submitter: I can just imagine the pitch for this book: “It’s like All Creatures Great And Small, but about a dentist! For people! With cartoons of dental mishaps!” Wish I could see the librarian book that is blurbed on the back cover…

Holly: This is an odd little book. And that blurb on the back has nothing to do with this one. This is cataloged as biography, so it contains anecdotes from a dentist’s memoirs. It might have circulated in public libraries at the time it was published, but now it just seems really random.

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Mission Possible!

Peter Lupus guide to health cover

Peter Lupus’ Guide to Radiant Health and Beauty:
Mission Possible for Women
Lupus and Homola

I think every guy wants a cadre of superstars surrounding him. This particular guy was a supporting actor on the old Mission Impossible series back in the day.  He has all the answers to your beauty and health needs. Also, he will dress in some pretty groovy outfits and go to the gym with you.

I can’t wait to try some “sex-a-tonic” exercises. It’s your mission now. As usual, ALB will disavow any knowledge of your actions.



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