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Be America’s Next Top Model

How to Break into Modeling coverHow to Break into Modeling

Submitter: I work at an academic fashion library and we have a very small section of books on modeling in the fashion industry. Just last week I pulled this mid-1980s advice book out of our collections. It’s a safe bet our students were not even born when this book was originally published. How to Break into Modeling contains a wealth of detailed advice for would-be models, including:
-Your haircut says a lot about you. It can say, “I’m a professional” or “I’m wild!” or “I mean business” or “I like to party.”
-If you’re wearing shoulder pads for a head shot, make sure they’re lying correctly and not popping up or sliding down your shoulders.
-The body type required for fashion models in the eighties happens to be very androgynous, so breasts, hips, and thighs are “out,” but the standards and politics of beauty are changing all the time. Perhaps very womanly figures will be the trend again. (Me: Wishful thinking?)
-Men aspiring to modeling careers should pay extra attention to updating their look and taking care of their hands—things that don’t come naturally to many men.

Holly: Oh for crying out loud. Glad you caught this one, Submitter. What a ridiculous book for a current fashion library! Also, Submitter and I chatted about how those striped leotards, pictured below, were standard issue in the 80s. They’re in every workout photo of that decade! As Submitter put it: “I’m pretty sure the striped leotards were issued to you when you bought a copy of Olivia Newton John’s ‘Physical’ to dance to.” Ha!

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Beauty Tips

Book of Beauty - coverDiane von Furstenberg’s Book of Beauty: How to Become a More Attractive, Confident, and Sensual Woman
von Furstenberg

Submitter: Former Princess Diane von Furstenberg is still very popular today. I found this 1976 book at my local public library. Not so sure how helpful this almost 40 year old book would be to young women now. I have included two pages of 1976 celebrities and a creepy make up guide.

Holly: I’m sure that Diane von Furstenberg’s name is carrying this book at whatever libraries are keeping it. Patrons see her name and assume it must be great…and I’m sure it was in 1976! Beauty books are one of my favorite categories here at ALB. Enjoy!


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Beauty School Dropout

Careers in Beauty and Grooming coverCareers in Beauty & Grooming
Mark Lerner

Submitter: Another outdated book in the 600’s… This book was weeded from an elementary school library because the information is obviously out-of-date. Does anyone call themselves a Beautician anymore? Can you still wear a tube top & denim gauchos to work in a salon? I think the answers may be “yes” here in Georgia, but we still should consider adding a more current book on careers in the beauty industry to our collection.

Holly: The man holding the toupee in the last picture below needs to be counselled against that particular one. It’s all wrong for him! One more time, people: career books need to be kept within 5-10 years, depending on the career. Beauty fads go in and out, so this is definitely one that needs to be kept more current.

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