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Gourmet Jell-o Recipes

joy of jello cookbook cover

Joys of Jell-o
General Foods
1960 (est)

I’ll admit it. I have a certain fondness for the old cookbooks, especially the ones with molded food. We have featured quite a few over the years, but I think this one might be a favorite. Nearly every page has a recipe or two that takes creative to a whole new level. You can see the yellow frozen jello loaf below. Looks okay so far. Then we move to the next picture, which has a melon filled with jello. Unfortunately we can’t tell from the black and white picture what flavor of jello was inflicted upon the poor melon, but the recipe suggests lime or red. I shudder to think what flavor is “red,” rather than cherry or strawberry.

But wait, there is more! Now we jump to some savory jello recipes featuring tuna, tomatoes, and cabbage. As a child of the Midwest in the 1960s, of course I love jello. But please, let jello just be jello.


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It’s Congealed!

Knox On-Camera Recipes coverKnox On-Camera Recipes
A completely new guide to Gel-Cookery

For those of you wondering what Knox is, it is the unflavored gelatin. When I was a young teen it was touted as something to make your fingernails healthy and long if you drank it before it cooled. My nails never looked good though.

Inside you will find some super appetizing dishes that mold your food into wonderful shapes. Try serving up these molds at your next gathering. My favorite: Cottage Cheese and Kidney Bean Salad. (Yes, you read that right!)

Bon Appetit!


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