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Serious Frisbee Only!

A practitioner’s manual and definitive treatise

This book purports to be “the” book on Frisbee. (Quick, run over to the 700s and check your Frisbee collection!)

From my own faulty memory of the 1970s and early 80s, Frisbee started getting “serious” with the sporting aspects, including competitions and performance standards. Click here to read the Wikipedia article on the generic “flying disc”. Just about everyone had a Frisbee within reach when I was in high school and college. (My mother was appalled that during my college graduation, Frisbees were flying around during the ceremony.)

As a collection item, this one fails on condition. Although, considering the age of this paperback book, it looks like it was well used and loved. I doubt it would be a hot item for a modern collection in sports. Toy collectors and other nostalgia buffs over the age of 50 might find the info interesting, but I doubt it. For my fellow baby boomers out there, enjoy this commercial from 1966, bell bottoms and tube socks are optional.

Wham O!


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Beyond Counting Sheep

Games for Insomniacs coverGames for Insomniacs

Submitter: The inside flap says that Fuller amassed the “most popular, most challenging (most irritating?) games for his delightful new book.” Library staff who examined this book agreed with most irritating. The book had not left the shelves in at least eight years. It’s a mystery how this book managed to escape previous weeding attempts, but its days are numbered!

Mary: I guess the “joke” is that if you can’t sleep, these puzzles will frustrate (torture) you until you fall asleep. The other theory is that it will turn you into an insomniac since you just can’t fall asleep because these puzzles are interesting. I am going with option one.


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Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack

Jump Rope RhymesJump Rope Rhymes

Submitter:  This was a donation, apparently removed from some other library many years ago, and someone thought we just might like it. It looks ancient and dirty (I had to majorly improve some of the images so they’re readable), smells very strongly (and not in a nice, old book, way), and the rhymes, although indeed I have encountered many of them in ancient children’s fiction, are not exactly suitable for 2016—a little too much nudity and political incorrectness, among other things. I scanned as many pages as I could before the disgusting factor got too high.

Holly: I am embarrassed to admit that I know the words to many, many jump rope rhymes. In fact, many of these are familiar to me. My jump rope days are long gone, though, and this book should go away too – especially if it is smelly and dirty. And yet, there are quite a few owning libraries out there, according to WorldCat!

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