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Prepare for the Apocalypse

ApocalypsApocalypse 2012 covere 2012: A Scientific Investigation Into Civilization’s End

These are always fun books after the fact. Here we are, five years later, and civilization is still hanging in there. By a thread, probably, but we’re still here!

Look, libraries can absolutely buy these books. I don’t have any real beef with the book itself or the library in which it was found (public). I don’t personally go for apocalyptic non-fiction, but the library’s collection isn’t all about me, so that’s fine. This one has a science focus to balance those with a religious bent. Even if they don’t pan out when the time comes, people will read the book. Everyone has to know their own community and how it might go over with their clientele, but it was probably a reasonable choice in the library in which it was found.

The back cover is frightening (pictured below). It’s supposedly funny, though, so…bonus!


See you at the bitter end,



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Predicting Russia’s Future

Russia's future - coverPredicting Russia’s Future: How 1,000 Years of History Are Shaping The 1990s

Submitter: The title alone makes this book an automatic weed for our public library. This book is part of the Whittle Communication’s Larger Agenda Series, which “presents short books by distinguished authors on subjects of importance to managers and policymakers in business and the public sector.” A weird and interesting element of this series is that each book has a corporate sponsor. The publishing company intersperses each chapter with an advertisement, in this case Federal Express. The New York Times has a number of articles on Whittle Communications and/or Chris Whittle if you’re interested in researching this any further!

Holly: Someone should tell them that “going to the dogs” means it is not as good as it used to be. The ad for Air-Vet (last two pictures, below) says “Thanks to me, Air-Vet’s business is going to the dogs.” I get that they meant that their business is literally for dogs (and other animals, as they spell out in the fine print below), but it’s kind of an unfortunate play on words.

This book is so old that we now know what Russia’s future held. This book must have been published just shortly before the Soviet Union’s collapse.

Also, Whittle Communications fell on hard times in 1994.


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Wheels of the Future

Automobiles of the Future coverAutomobiles of the Future

My favorite part of the auto show is the concept car. Over the years I have seen quite a few interesting cars and I know that around my neck of the woods, this type of book would fly off the shelves.

This is such a fun book and my car culture public would get a kick out of this. The kids might even think it was fun. I love looking the future from the past. You could make a nice argument around here for keeping this little beauty. However, for kids nonfiction, I want something that would be more modern as concept cars are all about the future.

I would hang on to this treasure for a display. It’s a keeper for nostalgia, but not for a kid section.


Drive on,


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