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Furry Fear

furry novelties craft book cover

You Can Make Furry Novelties

When ever I hear the word furry, I immediately think of the the bizarre world of “furries” and not the ever so “delightful” creatures pictured here. Aside from giving me some lovely ideas for Holly’s next birthday present, I am thinking that these aren’t just dated, they are SCARY! Someone, please do something to fix that bunny’s face. Is that blood dripping from its mouth? Is it really a bunny?


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Muskrat Love

Practical Muskrat RaisingPractical Muskrat Raising

Submitter: I don’t know how this escaped being weeded before, but it was probably due to its slim size (only 130 pages) and pristine condition (never checked out!). We’re a public library in a fairly rural area where muskrats are a native species, so topics like trapping might be of interest, but the information is so dated. Attitudes towards wearing fur have changed, and I’m sure there are regulations about starting a muskrat fur farm today that aren’t even addressed. I love the opening statement “The vocation of raising muskrats…has a strong appeal for the average American.” Yeah, we talk about our interest in raising muskrats every day around here. Not! And the book’s way of constantly referring to them as ‘rats makes the thought of a muskrat fur coat extra appealing. The really embarrassing part? We have a second copy at one of this at one of our branches!

Holly: This book was probably great in its day. In addition to Submitter’s points, I will add that it suffers from that old-timey formal, stilted language.  When we see a title like “Practical Muskrat Raising” these days, we expect something much more approachable.

Heads up: dead muskrats pictured below. Click through at your own risk!

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Let the Fur Fly

Buy and Maintain a Fur Coat -coverHow to Buy & Maintain a Fur Coat: A Practical Guide to Luxury
Goldin and Lulow

Submitter: This book is currently available at our local public library &… Surprise!… on the same shelf as a copy of Do-it-Yourself Coffins for Pets and People (a “classic” Awful Library Book nominee!).  Anyway, this book is pretty awful too, and not just because of the animal rights implications.  Things like pricing, availability & style are all going to be as outdated 25+ years after publication as the book’s claim that wearing the right fur “flatters your best features, enhances your beauty… makes you glow as if you’d just applied blush”.

Holly: I guess you could store your fur coat in your hope chest/coffin while you wait to die and be buried in both.

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