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Banana Cuisine From Yesteryear

Bananas and how to the serve them

Bananas …how to serve them
Meloripe Fruit Company

Many of you will remember one of our most popular books: Be Bold with Bananas. If you have been waiting for another chance to try some banana cuisine, this little gem is waiting for you! Unfortunately, the photography isn’t as suggestive or “bold” as in the other banana book, but it still has some wonderful recipes that you won’t want to miss. My personal favorite:  Banana Meat Loaf (because regular meatloaf is not enough), or how about Ham Banana Rolls? The possibilities of banana cuisine are endless!

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Pineapple-Top Grower’s Handbook

Pineapple Top Grower's Handbook

The Pineapple-Top Grower’s Handbook

Submitter: Yes, it’s an entire book on how to grow a pineapple top. Was that hard to do in 1979?

Holly: Maybe this was a revolutionary idea to home gardeners in 1979. They didn’t have the benefit of seeing posts on this in Pinterest every time they log in. (And doing the same thing with potatoes, avocados, ginger, etc. etc. etc.) The 70s were a simpler time.

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