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Gale Sayers: Star Running Back

Gale Sayers cover


Gale Sayers: Star Running Back

Submitter: I believe this is an awful book because I was a tween when the movie Brian’s Song, starring James Caan and Billy D. Williams, appeared on television, and I am now of retireable age. What else besides people should really have a shelf life of 44+ years? Also, Copy 19?? Thank goodness the other 18 copies were weeded years ago.

Holly: I guess they missed copy 19 when they weeded the other 18!

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Football Fun


I Want To Be A Football Player

Looking at the illustrations, I was going to guess this book was much older. I guess I should also cop to the fact that I am older than dirt and I am starting to resent that the 60s and 70s are “ancient history”.  But I digress.

As you can see this is a simple book on football.  More story than actual instruction.  Of course, no women or girls are anywhere to be seen.  (They must be off cooking manly meals for the aspiring players.) Probably not a day goes by where I am not handing out books on football, baseball and hockey. (Detroit’s recent rise in both baseball and football have caused a nice spike in circulation of sports books. Thank you, Lions and Tigers!)  There are much better titles floating around out there and I don’t want to dampen the enthusiasm of our young fans, especially the girls. Upgrade please!


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Even More Juice

O.J. Simpson: Football’s Record Rusher

Submitter:Hard to recall a time when “O.J. Simpson” connoted “great football player” in the zeitgeist.  Oddly enough, he didn’t play for the (Ford) Broncos, but for the Buffalo Bills.  This is the last page of the book, but I think there was more excitement in his life yet to come, even more exciting than a Super Bowl.

Holly: Ha!  The “Ford Broncos!”  That’s funny!  1974?  What’s the point of a book about OJ Simpson from 1974?  The chapter called “Feeling Sorry for OJ” takes on a whole new meaning now, doesn’t it? OJ is a good weeding topic here at ALB check out this old post here and here.

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