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Make Your Man Delightful Food

Dining Delightfully - cover

Dining Delightfully
Tested Recipes From Adventist Hospital Chefs
Review and Herald Publishing Association

Of course the wife is proud of her fruit plate! This wonderful retro cookbook hits all the foodie choices from the 1960s: Something with jello, another tasty sandwich loaf masquerading as a cake, and of course some food with eyes. The surprising new recipe that I haven’t seen before is the Cottage Cheese Croquettes.  All you foodies will want to get on that right away. Your family will love it!



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Hotdog Magic

New Hotdog Cookbook - cover

The New Hotdog Cookbook

Another culinary gem for the cookbook collection! The whole hotdog experience has just been upgraded to gourmet status. How about some Hotdog Tetrazzini? Maybe you would prefer the delicate hotdog loaf? Lucky for us there are 2 hotdog loaf recipes and I am just wondering which one is the “better” tasting loaf.

I am a fan of the hotdog, it is awesome street food. Anything else is like putting lipstick on the proverbial pig.

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Magically shaped food

Hostess Magic coverHostess Magic
Recipes for Great Entertaining

I actually thought this book was much older than 1984, given the black and white photos and the squared off kebob on the cover. (Personal bias: I like food to actually look like food, not a demo of solid geometry.) Aside from the fruit bowl, everything else featured is odd looking or just unappetizing because of the photography. Modern cookbooks are all about the photography and the instruction.  I also can’t imagine anyone buying specialized tools to cut a sandwich. This particular cookbook is all about using the speed press, a magical tool that can shape your food.

There are some classic/disturbing recipes, including: Creamed chipped beef on toast (My mom served that a couple of times when I was growing up. Not a happy memory.) and a fruited chicken mold (made with lemon gelatin!).

I am sure all of you will be racing to your local library to make some of these recipes.

Bon Appetit!


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