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It’s an emergency!

family emergencies cover

Family Emergencies

What’s with the kid on the bike?  Is he hurt? Being chased by zombies? I am not sure where the publishers were headed with this cover art.

Most of the contents are predictable and cover generic situations. I feel that this whole book is not organized properly and that it feels a bit light on details. I guess the best word would be amateurish.

The snake and insect bite info is not very helpful. (It also bothers me that they refer to spiders and scorpions as insects.) I would think some more in depth descriptions of the actual spiders or snakes would be helpful. Some of these creatures are specific to certain climates or regions. It’s not like I have to worry about too many scorpion problems in Michigan. Regardless, as medical and safety information, it should be weeded, as I am sure it is out of date.


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