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Man in Charge – Friday Fiction

Man in Charge - cover

Man in Charge

Another romance title from yesteryear, this time from the exciting world of retail! Our story opens with Juliet and her mother making a visit to a retail mogul. Evidently Juliet’s mother was formerly engaged to said mogul and now wants a favor of a job for Juliet.

Mogul and his bitchy wife, Mrs. Mogul are lording their wealth and position over Juliet and her mother. Naturally, Mr. and Mrs. Mogul have a son, Drew. Drew tells Juliet he is the real boss who does all the work while dad is just a figurehead. Drew wastes no time in telling Juliet that she will have to work for her salary and he will be watching her so she doesn’t slack off. Of course these two are bound for a romance since the love of a good woman cures jackassery all the time.

The cover also bothers me since our “hero” is slouching or he looks out of proportion. I see a long life with back trouble. How romantic.




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Dear Santa, I want a husband!

Christmas Husband cover

The Christmas Husband

It is that time of year when all the holiday themed romances start getting some circulation action. Today’s choice seems to be a book mashup of Sleepless in Seattle and Christmas in Connecticut.

Radio love doctor, Madison, dispenses relationship advice to the folks of San Francisco. Of course, she is has no boyfriend or family. Her staff at the radio keeps her personal life under wraps so she can continue her mystique as Dr. Love. At the same time we have Steven, a widower with a kid. Steven is lonely and of course “meet cute” circumstances bring our loveless Dr. Love and Steven, the lonely single dad together. Romance and Christmas follows. Of course there is a happily ever after!


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Friday Fiction – California!

California by RossCalifornia!

Submitter: Just found this in the stacks today. I wish that I could have gotten a better picture of the uniform goldenrod color. Besides the very yellowed pages and cover, the book is being held together with a prayer and a wish. On a scale of gross to disgusting, it’s disgusting.

Holly: Oh good, a popular old fiction title for our readers to discuss! I can’t speak for any other public library, but my library no longer owns this title – or any other title in the Wagons West series – and we haven’t missed it. There are 15 copies available in our inter-library loan system. I wonder what kind of shape some of those are in! Submitter’s specimen is particularly…ripe.