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NLW 2017-Some Love in the Stacks: Deputy’s Perfect Match

deputy's perfect match cover

The Deputy’s Perfect Match

I have been on a romance binge for the last year or so. Lately, I prefer the contemporary/HEA kind, provided I don’t hate the protagonist or think he/she is particularly stupid. I am also partial to librarians as main characters. So in honor of National Library Week, I am going to share a librarian romance off my TBR pile. As this one was just released, I am only about 25% in. So far, I am annoyed at our librarian who gets a bit  snippy about our romantic lead’s inquiry about getting a library card. (It sounded a bit judgmental.) She does lighten up as the story progresses.  I do love the set up of the deputy “investigating” our intrepid librarian by attending a Jane Austen book club. So far, the public library setting is pretty perfect, but hey, it’s a romance and fiction, so all the patrons are very well behaved and no one is too weird….yet. I am sure my romance patrons that like a more gentle tone in their fiction will probably love it.

Happy National Library Week,


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Alien Pets – Friday Fiction

alien pets cover art

Alien Pets
Little, ed.

This is an anthology of some decent science fiction/fantasy authors. Not necessarily a weeder at all, but this poor volume had some serious water damage on the inside. Sci-fi and fantasy is usually a good source of interesting cover art. This one is no exception. I was staring at it for quite a while and trying to discern the multiple animals on the cover.The “dad” on the cover seems less impressed with the critters. Not exactly my version of cuddly, but I guess cuteness is in the eye of the beholder.

I think I will stick to my judgmental cats.


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Man in Charge – Friday Fiction

Man in Charge - cover

Man in Charge

Another romance title from yesteryear, this time from the exciting world of retail! Our story opens with Juliet and her mother making a visit to a retail mogul. Evidently Juliet’s mother was formerly engaged to said mogul and now wants a favor of a job for Juliet.

Mogul and his bitchy wife, Mrs. Mogul are lording their wealth and position over Juliet and her mother. Naturally, Mr. and Mrs. Mogul have a son, Drew. Drew tells Juliet he is the real boss who does all the work while dad is just a figurehead. Drew wastes no time in telling Juliet that she will have to work for her salary and he will be watching her so she doesn’t slack off. Of course these two are bound for a romance since the love of a good woman cures jackassery all the time.

The cover also bothers me since our “hero” is slouching or he looks out of proportion. I see a long life with back trouble. How romantic.




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