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Friday Fiction Fun: Let the swooning begin

Fabio - Dangerous coverDangerous
Fabio and Staub

Submitter: Remember Fabio?  The supposed epitome of male beauty?  (Yeah, I remember him too and from my male perspective, definitely not the epitome of male beauty, that would be me! (yeah right!) 🙂 The story seems to be typical paperback romance faire, but what is interesting is that you could not only sign up for the Fabio fanclub, but enter for a chance to win a date with Fabio!  Unfortunately, the contest ended in September of ’96.  Sorry ladies.

Holly: Oh, man!  Totally missed my chance.  This book is looking a little worn around the edges.  That’s good – it means it was well-loved!  It’s time has come and gone, and 15 years of life out of a romance paperback is a pretty good run.

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Marriage is possible!

Marriage is Possible

Submitter: Widdemer actually won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry (when it was known as Columbia University Prize) back in 1919 alongside Carl Sandburg  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Widdemer

That being said, this book is 1930’s “chick lit” tripe.  No surprise that she’s the person who popularized the term “middlebrow.”

Holly: I love chick lit tripe, but I don’t see a lot of reason to keep this in your average public library.  Pulitzer or not.

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Creepy Dolls

Among the Dolls

Submitter: The book is called “Among the Dolls,” and along with the illustrations, it’s probably one of the more disturbing children’s books that I’ve seen– if I was a kid, I’d have nightmares from this book! I provided the illustration from the back cover as well as one from inside, just so you can really see how truly scary this book is!

Holly: Thought this book would fit nicely with our fiction week theme.   (Remember these other doll posts?) Enjoy and sleep well tonight everyone!

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