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Bad Labeling/Friday Fiction: The Grape Thief


The Grape Thief

Submitter: Let’s hear it for more bad label placement.  I really hate Accelerated Reader.  This just helps with the pile on.  I noticed the book displayed on an open shelf.  I’m really surprised no one caught this before.

Holly: In a school library, too.  I bet the kids just looove this.  One more letter and you’d have had “Ape Thief”…which would have been preferable.


Oh No! An Ass in Church!


Assassins in the Cathedral: [Festo Kivengere]

Submitter:I was just going through some of your recent posts, and came across the “Butt” Holed book.  It reminded me of an old favorite (now long gone from our collection).  I did manage to capture a picture, and it was around for several months after that to my knowledge.  Sorry it’s a bit blurry – I was probably laughing too hard when I took the picture to get a clear shot. The book was one of several in a series of Christian fiction for grade school children.  I always imagined whoever put the barcode on the cover got a good laugh that day.

Holly:WorldCat’s summary says, “The church in Uganda is threatened by the military and Yacobo must have the strength to survive.”  It’s likely a fine choice for a religious school library and maybe a public library in certain communities.  Now, though, a Christian book for children has “Ass” on the cover. Reeeeal nice.




Friday Fiction: Chartbreaker


(First published in GB as Chartbreak, 1986)

Submitter: Apparently, I need to call in the Ghostbusters. I just weeded fiction, but some gremlin keeps sneaking 80’s titles back on the shelf! A quick Google search shows attempts at updating the cover art. It’s already a challenge to keep teens interested in reading. Stuff like this really makes the school library look out of touch. Continue reading