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Friday Fiction: Angels on Ice

Charlie's Angels coverCharlie’s Angels: Angels on Ice
Spelling Goldberg Productions

About a year ago, I posted a Charlie’s Angels book. Lo and behold another book in the series has found its way to my fiction pile here at the Awful Library Books home office.  This time Jill Munroe (Farrah Fawcett ) is no longer on the cover. She has gone to Spain to race cars. Little sister Kris (Cheryl Ladd) is now the new Angel on the case.  These old novelizations are a hoot and I was of course the target market for these books as I am of a certain age. These novelizations are often a hit in the teen section but remember to weed out the old stuff for the new. I still see plenty of Buffy, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and many other tv series crowding the teen fiction sections.  Check the circulation and watch those collections closely.



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Friday Fiction: Tender Nurse

Tender Nurse coverTender Nurse
Harlequin Edition 1963

Nurse Andrea Grey has a couple of real problems. Boyfriend Godfrey is totally in love with her and begs her to quit nursing school and marry him. She won’t need to nurse anyone, she can take care of him! At the same time cranky brilliant doctor Martin has shown up at the hospital and is taking every opportunity to humiliate her. Which man? How about her career? Add in an accident and a lot of guilt and we have the makings of a really good story. Regardless, I love the cover art!


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Friday Fiction: A Thousand Roses

A Thousand Roses coverA Thousand Roses

I know it is only September, but this book has EVERYTHING you need–professional wrestling and Christmas.  It’s enough to make the Baby Jesus cry! Perdita (or Perdy)  has a plan. She is going to relocate to Indiana and buy a fabric shop. First, she has to get this house sale under control. Somehow the title of the house is in question and she has to live with snotty Boston guy Ebeneezer (I kid you not!) Squires. Turns out he is just misunderstood and love blooms for the holidays. Cue the music.


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