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Proto Project Runway

dress designing coverDress Designing
Fashions Figures Fabrics Facts

I am a marginal sewer at best, but even I can see that the information isn’t too bad in this book. Of course, fabrics and styles change, but skills for tailoring and patterns probably haven’t changed too much. I am sure modern designers use computers. The book is old and a bit tired looking. This one might qualify as a keeper in the right collection/library. Designers/tailors please weigh in on this.





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Creative Crap You can Make

creative handcrafts cover

McCall’s Annual of Creative Handcrafts
Comstock, ed.

Breakout the needles and crochet hooks everyone. We have some lovely outfits for you to craft, not to mention some cute animals and “whimsical action figures” too. (Warning! Knitted clown figure in the last picture. Proceed at your own risk.) The lace coverup isn’t too bad in my fashion-challenged opinion, however that granny “square”skirt has some serious issues. I have no idea what is going on with the “vest”/jewelry thing paired with the skirt.

I might be inspired to breakout my crafting supplies and watch re-runs of the Brady Bunch.


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Fashionable You

looking good coverLooking Good

Another fashion choice compliments of your library. Not a bad purchase for 1996 in terms of information. Lots of basics for fit and coordinating fashion choices. Also many of the “live” models are of different sizes and shapes, too bad every single person in this book is white. I guess people of color don’t need fashion help.

We have another mention of that 80s and 90s trend of color analysis. Even back in the day, I could not tell the difference from one season to another or what colors looked “better”. I guess I am doomed to be a pasty librarian wearing the wrong color cardigan.


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