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Big Beautiful Woman

Big Beautiful Woman magazine
February 1989 issue

Submitter: I work at [University] Libraries. The periodicals collection still has many many volumes of this that have yet to be weeded. Looking at the item records indicates that no volume of this magazine has ever been checked out more than once.

Holly: Ahhh, February 1989.  A good month for fashion.  (What…no?).  This is a perfectly reasonable magazine for a public library, and maybe an academic library for a school that has a fashion program.  The submitter said that there is a fashion library at this university, but this magazine is held in the main library’s collection.  If fashion students are using it (which they aren’t, based on the circ stats submitter cites), maybe it could be moved to that library. If it isn’t being used – which it isn’t – by all means, weed it.

Fabulous Fur

furs-1Furs: An Appreciation of Luxury, a Guide to Value

Submitter: I dug up this guide to fur coats and accessories last week. It’s from 1978.  I love the chapter “Furs for men-why not?”

Holly: Fashion faux-pas aside, what really bothers me about this book is the purchasing advice and industry information.  Are furs a good investment these days? Does this book talk about fake fur options?

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Did You See What She Was Wearing?

Teen Fashionista coverHow to Be a Teen Fashionista

Submitter: I chose this to weed mostly because of the fabu-licious cover. Believe it or not, this book was published in 2005. I included a couple of pictures from inside the book, like the “send my ho to school day” outfit (seriously, how is she supposed to sit at a desk in that skirt?) and “guy in rubber leaf suit.” I really want to start a collection of wonderful weeds. I would also include the book What’s Up with Bridget’s Mom for sheer delight factor.

Holly: There are some interesting choices for teenagers in this book.  That’s for sure.  Then again, I’m enough of a fashion “don’t” that I probably wouldn’t recognize what is in these days!

(Hey, @Jamisings…the boys in the book do seem to be wearing their pants correctly!  That alone might make it a keeper for your collection!)

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