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Scarf Arranging

The Five-Minute Scarf Arranger
Tryde Sandeman

Submitter: Most of the “arrangements” in this book are pretty basic & do not require any instruction. For example, tie two scarves together & you’ll have a belt! or tie a scarf around your wrist & you’ll have a bracelet! Wow, I would have never thought to do that! My favorite though is the scarf halter top (picture attached). This arrangement does not seem like a good idea. One false move & “the girls” will be on display!

Holly: Wow, these scarves are bold fashion statements.  Where does one wear the “bare back and bow?”  This isn’t a bad choice for libraries, just a little outdated.  I could totally rock these two looks:

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Sweaty, but Stylish

Stylish Sweatjackets

Submitter: I found this book in the new release section, I kid you not.

Holly: What, exactly, is a “sweat jacket”?  And why would one want to be both stylish and sweaty?

Turn on the Charm

Those Enduring Young Charms

Submitter: It’s all about keeping up appearances in “middle-age”.  I am particularly fond of Chapter 8: Your Grooming Begins with a Foundation (as in foundation garments). I am sure that many of your younger readers will have no idea that women used to truss themselves up in those awful rubber girdles, to keep their wholesome figures from ruining the line of their clothes. I consider myself lucky to be among the generation just after that, where bras and the like became “optional.”

Holly: Many of us will agree that this kind of book is fun. There is something to be said for finding books like this in the library and spending a lazy afternoon browsing through it.  If your public library has space and calls it a special collection, great!  People probably love your library!  If, however, your patrons go to the beauty section and find this and assume it’s the only thing you’ve got because all your current books are checked out, you’ve got a relevancy issue.

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