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Umbrellas: The More You Know

history of umbrella cover

A History of the Umbrella

Back in 2009 when we started this little dog and pony show, a few of the titles got lost in the shuffle between migrations and our own incompetence. This title has been on my “lost/broken” list for a while and now I am happy to re-post with new and better pictures.

This title is not necessarily awful for some libraries and probably would work in a deep collection on fashion accessories or design. Holly and I included it here because we always get a few laughs from titles that are so specific or on an esoteric subject. In my near 20 years in library service, I can confidently say that I have never had anyone ask for material about umbrellas. (They did ask if the library had umbrellas to lend.)


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He – She Groovy Jewelry

He-She Jewelry cover

He-She Jewelry
Professional “Know How”

When I found this lovely selection for ALB, I couldn’t stop laughing. I particularly love the manly look of jewelry and leisure suit. I think we have all learned from these pictures that the right accessories really do tie an outfit together.

Getting my groove on!



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Hat Tricks

Fine and Fanciful Hats to Knit45 Fine and Fanciful Hats to Knit: Berets, Toques, Cones, Stars, Pentagons, and More

Submitter: These hats are genius. But the kind of genius that comes all rolled up in crazy. I work at a public library and put this book on hold for myself because I was attracted to the colorful (tiny) thumbnail image in our catalog. When I got the book I was blown away. The 90’s fashion, the Papyrus font, THE HATS! I especially love the guy holding the beret and surrounded by berets while wearing a beret. It’s like he’s saying “Listen, Laura. We need to talk about your beret problem.” And then she’s like “I think you mean my beret solution!” This book checks out like once a year.

Holly: Once a year isn’t actually a bad benchmark for a book this old! At least, in my library. We’ve talked many times about how what works for my library is a big loser somewhere else. I’d probably keep it based on that kind of use, if it was still in reasonably good shape and I had the space. That said, these hats make some bold fashion statements for sure. Circus clowns everywhere are looking for new hat patterns! If you know your local knitters can be better served with something else, move this book to the great remnant box in the sky.

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