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Alien Pets – Friday Fiction

alien pets cover art

Alien Pets
Little, ed.

This is an anthology of some decent science fiction/fantasy authors. Not necessarily a weeder at all, but this poor volume had some serious water damage on the inside. Sci-fi and fantasy is usually a good source of interesting cover art. This one is no exception. I was staring at it for quite a while and trying to discern the multiple animals on the cover.The “dad” on the cover seems less impressed with the critters. Not exactly my version of cuddly, but I guess cuteness is in the eye of the beholder.

I think I will stick to my judgmental cats.


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Friday Fiction: Venusia

Venusia coverVenusia
Von Schlegell

Submitter:Here it is in all of its glory!  Why it’s awful: THE ENTIRE COVER.  Exhibit A-Naked lady with owl head. Exhibit B: breastballoons. Also: I read the back, and my brain turned into a pretzel. Oh, and the subtitle is “A True Story”.  You can’t make this stuff up, it seems.

Holly: Oooh, it’s a series!  The author wrote a doctoral thesis on 19th century American Literature.  This was the obvious next step for him!  It’s weird, but then a lot of sci-fi and fantsy novels are.  (Ok, this one is really weird.)

Mary: I was absolutely fascinated by this truly bizarre cover. (I doubt I will be able to sleep tonight after staring at that cover.)  Poking around the Internet I found some decent reviews for those who like their lit a bit bizarre. ( Click here to read Bookslut’s review of this title.)


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