Hoarding is not collection development
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Richard Simmons


Still Hungry – After All These Years

Submitter: Discovered as we dismantled and re-imagined the biography collection.

Holly: Awww, Richard Simmons! He’s been through a lot lately. There’s even a podcast about how he went “missing” recently. (He was found). I hope he writes a new biography, actually. This one isn’t the worst thing a library could have, but if it no longer circulates it’s an easy weeder.

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Jump for Joy

Jump for Joy - coverJump for Joy: The Rebounding Exercise Book

Submitter: I work in a public library and this book came in from one of our partners to fill a reserve.

Holly: I bet the patron who requested it was disappointed, although the 1984 pub date should have tipped them off. The black and white pictures, as well as the models’ outfits, are pretty dated. I especially like the business man who keeps a trampoline in his office, pictured below. My staff would never let me hear the end of it if I was bouncing around in my office.

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Mary’s Favorites of 2016

This really has been a weird year for just about everyone I know, and not just because of politics and baseball. As 2016 comes to a close, Holly and I endeavor to create a “best of” list for the year. Usually, we try to argue our way to a consensus, but this year we will give you two lists representing my favorites and a separate list of Holly’s favorites. We split the difference where we overlapped, so these lists are unique. We also included a bonus list for titles and covers that were just too weird NOT to be included.

Since I get to kick off this 2016 best of the worst, I would just like to preface it with a few comments. I am partial to those items from the 60’s and 70’s as I was a child/teen during that time. Note the inclusion of Donny and Marie since I just had a teen recently ask me who they were. Thanks, teen patron, for making me feel old. I believe that it is an ALA regulation to include cats as part of any librarian-oriented website, and we have some wonderful choices available. I am hoping someone submits a Cat Flexing program for the next ALA annual conference.

Stay tuned for Holly’s list. Please share your favorites as well.

Peace, Love and Libraries for 2017,


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