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Advice for Stylin’ Guys

style guy cover

The Style Guy

O’Brien was GQ magazine’s fashion columnist until 2015. (He evidently blasted GQ in an interview and resigned.) His advice column talked about everything from fashion advice to etiquette. None of it is particularly timeless. I wasn’t too impressed, but I am not the target market. Maybe it was cool in 2000, but jokes about porn and other sexually charged topics fall flat. This particular book hadn’t left the shelves in a decade, so I think we can safely retire it.


PS As I was googling around for the author, I found out that O’Brien passed away this past April.

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Rhyming Manners

You Know Better Than That


Another etiquette book for kids! This one is in rhyming form and is illustrated with creepy little children doing weird stuff. We have several scenarios: flooding, stealing, sharing, running in the house and my personal favorite: taking care of the phone so you don’t rack up long distance charges.

Now everyone behave!


More Manners for Kids:

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WASP Lessons

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Oh Behave!

Conduct Principles coverComplete Conduct Principles for the 21st Century

Submitter: I feel this one speaks for itself. We may have identified the worst book ever. You’re welcome. We are a public library serving a population of 70,000 nowhere near the author/publisher in Massachusetts. I can only assume there was a suggestion for purchase which nobody here noticed came from…Massachusetts. On Amazon, this book has 21 5-star reviews. The reviewers can be divided into two groups: most of them have reviewed nothing else, while a small number of them have reviewed many self-published books and given every one 5 stars. Among the people quoted praising the book on Amazon is pro-apartheid former South African President F.W. de Klerk. Nothing says good manners like tear-gassing people who want equality. Of course, after de-accessioning it we kept it in the workroom to help pass the time on night shifts. Every page continues to delight. For example, just now I opened it at random and discovered Chapter 115 is called “Be Careful: Don’t Make a Sexual Harassment.”

Holly: From the back cover: “Some of its innovative contents may help solve the problems the Western culture can not.”  That’s fantastic. The author has a Ph.D. from MIT – also promising! But the text in the examples that Submitter included is so simple and basic – it doesn’t seem very innovative at all! “Have good manners like a real gentleman/lady” is good advice, but you need waaaaay more detail on good manners to actually fix culture. I’m not sold. I’m all for books on etiquette, but this is not the one for public libraries.


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