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Atomic Bomb 101

how to build an atomic bomb cover

How to make an atomic bomb in your own kitchen (well, practically)

I know all you science nerds are looking for new recipes. How about an atomic bomb? Published in the early 1950s, this is a simple explanation about atomic energy. Written is a light tone, this book is for complete novices trying to wrap their brain about the new world of atomic energy.

Although I couldn’t find out much about Bob Bale other than what was included on the book, he is not a scientist. He was a motivational speaker and sales consultant. Not sure that it qualifies him as a science author, but it did make it quite readable.



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Powerful Reading

man and power textbook cover

Man and Power
The Story of Power from the Pyramids to the Atomic Age
de Camp

What a “powerful” book. (See what I did there?) I guess for 1961, this probably wasn’t a bad choice. I think it is a bit dense and maybe too much. I had trouble following along with some of the diagrams and text, so I wasn’t sure what this book was trying to do: reference? Textbook for a science course? Pleasure reading? Maybe no one else could figure it out either. For a book more than 50 years old, it has held up well.





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