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Making a Collection Count


Dinah the Dog with a Difference

Dinah the dog - coverDinah, the Dog with a Difference
de Fossard

Submitter: I just began weeding the library of an elementary school with a collection dating largely to the 70s and 80s. I could give you a year’s worth of entries, but this one disturbed me the most. It’s basically the story of a curious puppy who grows up to become a companion animal. I can’t tell if the pictures were taken specifically for the awkward text, or if the story line was rubber banded around a series of photographs. They range from the head-scratching randomness of a puppy playing with a pair of nylons to this nightmare inducer on page 9. Forget “people food”– that looks like people. Like a knee and leg, maybe.

Holly: So it’s a book about a guide dog? Sort of… one of the subject headings is “individuality,” and that seems more like it. The cute puppy might get some kids’ attention, but mostly it’s just an old book with odd pictures. That giant bone is disconcerting, though!


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Hollywood Dogs

red carpet pups coverRed Carpet Pups

I have a pet peeve about animals in outfits. Just no. They always look embarrassed. However, I am quite sure that there is an audience for this book. Kristin Stewart and Niki Menaj fans, maybe?

The copy I looked at was as sturdy as a magazine, but I would probably keep it. There is just no accounting for taste.


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On all Fours

on all 4s1

Mrs Allen on All Fours
Develop the Perfect Relationship with Your Pet

This is a dog training book, but of course my inner 12 year old boy was laughing at the title. Maybe because they use “Mrs. Allen” instead of her first name. It just sounds funny in a naughty way.

I can’t speak to Mrs Allens’s dog training abilities or the quality of the information, however, I am a bit put off by a lot of self-promotion of her products. I usually like to skip these kind of books when possible.

How did this title get out of an editorial meeting approved?


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