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doctor romance

Paging Dr. Obnoxious!

hospital across the bridge cover

Hospital Across The Bridge

We have a romance with a nurse trying to shape up a surgery department.  Rosemary, our featured nurse, is appalled at the lack of standards and procedures. The autoclave is broken and sterilization is haphazard at best. (My inner germaphobe was screaming!) Naturally, there is a dynamic with an obnoxious doctor that doesn’t appreciate a bossy nurse talking to him about safe procedures.

However, just like every other romance of the time, Rosemary falls for Nicaise, our obnoxious surgeon. She has even seen him with a girlfriend. Spoiler alert! In the last chapter, Nicaise comes to appreciate Rosemary and stands up with other surgeons to endorse her procedures. Nicaise makes the moves on her and she hesitates because of the girlfriend issue, but come to find out the “girlfriend” is really his sister! So, instead of being a two-timing asshat, he is just an asshat. Ain’t love grand!


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A Spinster Saved by Love

Spinster's Song romance cover

Spinster’s Song

We haven’t had a romance or a “friday fiction” post in a while. Here is your fix for the week. This story is about a doctor named Mary, evidently destined for spinsterhood. Of course there is a the local playboy Rafe and he starts putting the moves on our poor, love starved doctor. Of course he gets the girl and it is more than a casual affair. But I bet you knew that.


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Doctor, Heal thyself! (Friday Fiction)

Woman Doctor coverWoman Doctor
The Intimate Confessions of Psychiatrist and Her Love-Starved Patients

I had a friend that came across this great example of lesbian pulp fiction. Wonderful cover art and it is quite the lurid, sexually charged story!  Our Dr Hathaway is a psychiatrist working with some of the most sexually troubled people. She knows your deep dark desires. But can our doctor let her inhibitions down? Stay tuned!

Thanks to the following websites that gave me some background on the title and author. I am sure there are more archivists curating this great material. If any of you know of collections worthy of a shout out, please say so in the comments.

Sallie Bingham Center forWomen’s History and Culture at Duke University

Mount Saint Vincent University,  Halifax, Nova Scotia


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