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Fixing the Boob Tube

TV Repair for Beginners coverTV Repair for Beginners
1991, 4th ed.

Submitter: This book was found languishing at my local library. I thought this book was unlikely ever to be checked out again and should be weeded. That a newer edition would be better than this, the 4th ed. My colleague thought there was still some life left in this book. That there would still be some people out there with a TV like these. Although she did agree that she has not seen one in a while. I doubt that there are enough of those old TV sets , and even less likely amount of owners who would want to repair them on their own to keep this book. So I pose the question to your readers. Weed or keep?

Holly: I have a TV like this in my bedroom. I will happily get rid of it when it dies, but the damn thing won’t die! I’m definitely not repairing it when that happens, though. Weed.

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DIY Hot Tub

Build Your Own Hot Tub cover

Build your Own Hot Tub

Submitter: In actuality a fairly well done how-to book; the cover alone demands submission.  You just KNOW that there are no bathing suits in evidence there – and is that Paul Simon third from the left?!   Especially when reading the last sentence in paragraph two of “The Spiritual Community.” After all, ‘the hot tub is an environment of pleasure’.

Holly: Is it even possible to write a book about a hot tub that isn’t a little sexy?  It sure wasn’t in the 1970s!

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Everybody In the Tub

Hot TubsHot Tubs: How to Build, Maintain & Enjoy Your Own

Submitter: This book, acquired in 1976, was weeded from a community college library. One can only guess if the reason this book was part of the collection was that there was a Wood Technics program at the time. That program was discontinued and the last due date of the items was October 2, 2000 before it was weeded from the collection in 2011.

Holly: How many people can you fit in a hot tub? Second question: why on earth would you keep this in a library in 2012? People who want to build a hot tub can find better information than this. A quick WorldCat search brings up plenty of choices published in this millennium. My favorite line from the description in the first image below: “A hot tub gathering shouldn’t be considered a lewd bacchanal.” Coulda fooled me.

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