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Dating for Divorcees


The Divorced Woman’s Guide to Meeting  New Men
Where To Go and What To Do To Find Your Man

A couple of friends I know are going through divorces. I can’t wait to share this cutting edge advice on dating. I also haven’t quite figured out why this stuff only applies to divorced women.  Maybe I just don’t understand lonely women. I am glad the author is so in tune with today’s women.

I think all of you women out there should really try and use some of these “ice breakers” next time you are at the store or a cocktail party. My personal favorite:  “Have you tried this floor wax”?


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Daddy left because you were bad

Please Come Home coverPlease Come Home
A child’s book about divorce

Subjects like death and divorce are not exactly my favorite topics for a children’s book, but I do get requests for them often enough. Do they magically heal? No, but maybe they are the beginning of dialogue and healing for the kids. That said, I doubt this book helps anyone.

This author hints at violence from Dad. Mom tells child that Dad left because he didn’t love her.  Frankly, if these two parents are behaving this way, child probably is better off in foster care. I felt awful reading this book. Final blow for this book: this is written by the same author as our most famous post ever: Satan for Kids (part two, click here)  and the equally awful book Drugs are Evil.  I think these books could be marketed as a set of the most disturbing picture books ever.


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Advice for the “other” woman

survive your boyfriend's divorce coverHow to Survive Your Boyfriend’s Divorce
Loving Your Separated Man Without Losing Your Mind
Todd and Dormen

I am trying to keep an open mind and I really don’t want to be the crusty old lady that believes that one shouldn’t date married people, but is this really a big information need? The librarian in me thinks that maybe it does address a specific information need, but the woman in me just says ewww!   For what it is worth, the book is a typical discussion using anecdotes to illustrate situations ranging from neediness, his kids, judgmental friends etc.  Regardless of your feelings, it still needs to be weeded as it does contain legal some state specific legal information as part of the appendix. I guess I am glad that I am old and married since I find the idea of dating someone with so much personal baggage too difficult and exhausting–even if Sally Jessy Raphael endorses this book.


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