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Not Your Mama’s Lean Cuisine


Lean Cuisine: Delicious Recipes for the Healthy Stay-Slender Life

When I saw this, I immediately thought it was THE “Lean Cuisine,” but then found out that the Lean Cuisine brand wasn’t started until 1981.  This was just a clever play on words for a health food cookbook.

The cover has that glossy plastic food look that lots of 1970s cookbooks have.  I don’t have any scans from inside the book, but the only review on Amazon says, ” I was disappointed at the number of recipes,I really thought there would be more.”

This is an easy weeder. People will confuse it with THE Lean Cuisine and be disappointed.


Doughnuts made me do it!

Diet Crime and Delinquency coverDiet, Crime, and Delinquency

From the back of the book: “…demonstrates how ‘junk’ food diets, sugar starvation, vitamin deficiencies, lead pollution and food allergies can convert a normal brain into a criminal mind.”

I love the picture on the cover.  “Gimme your doughnuts, punk!”

This is available in public libraries all over the country.  I have to know, from any library that owns it, what are the circ stats?


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