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Virility Can Be Yours!

Eat Your Troubles Away coverEat Your Troubles Away

Health and virility can be yours with a new diet plan. This is a pretty standard diet book, but Kordel gives us something really for the men: virility! Guys, it is just a matter of protein!

Do yourself (and your significant other) a favor and rethink that diet!


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Dieting for Jesus

More of Jesus, Less of Me coverMore of Jesus, Less of Me
Cavanaugh and Forseth

Here we have another gem from the popular Christian dieting section. Remember that the Devil makes you fat!

This book is more confessional/scripture lesson than a specific diet. See the “contract” below. Obviously Satan is behind this awfulness of being fat. The author’s life is a series of awfulness beginning with teen pregnancy, miscarriages, stillbirth, alcoholic husband, and probably more that I don’t remember. It was like reading a month of Lifetime movies in one book.

I also think the ladies out there will appreciate the heads up on suicide and your menstrual cycle. Bottom line: a little more fiber in your diet and extra prayers and your life will be good as new.


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The Devil Makes You Fat

Help Lord the Devil Wants Me Fat“Help Lord-The Devil Wants Me Fat!”

Naturally, every library has its share of diet/health books. They go in and out of fashion more than, well, fashion. This book takes the extra added bonus of blaming Satan. Evidently Satan sits on the Hellmouth with a big plate of cookies tempting all of us into the abyss of fat and calories. One of the big ideas in this book is about fasting. Obviously not a new concept in religious practice. However, the advice about fasting is a little too cavelier about a doctor’s advice. He doesn’t even mention particular health issues where fasting might be problematic.

Well now I am thinking that maybe Hell has a better buffet than Heaven.


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