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Transcribing Oral History

Oral history coverTranscribing and Editing Oral History

Submitter: Finally tackling a long-overlooked section in my small academic library yesterday and found this one. I was amazed that the 33 1/3 record was still in the back until I looked at the usage and realized no one has touched the book since the mid-90s when our records were computerized. I showed my 12 year-old the record, and she had no idea what it was, but then, neither did our 23 year-old circ specialist. You know it’s time to weed when even the archivist says, “Hey look, a typewriter!”.

Holly: Anything with a vinyl record needs to be considered for weeding, for sure. A small academic library probably doesn’t have much use for this book, although if you have an archivist on staff, they should at least be consulted before weeding something like this. Well done, submitter! The person on the cover, and their spectacular collar, are a nice companion to the typewriter (which is a fancy one for 1977!)

Put that in writing

put that in writing cover

Would You Put That in Writing? How to Write Your Way to Success in Business

Submitter: I just withdrew this from our community college library collection. The typewriter on the cover alone qualifies it for awfulness, but wait! There’s more! Do you need to know how to dictate documents to your secretary? “Dictator Rules in the Office” are provided. Rule 1: Speak clearly and slowly. Don’t mumble. This information so outdated it is funny. As a bonus, Christian privilege is on display with the 10 commandments for grammar in “thou shalt” format! 719 editions in 4 formats are in WorldCat, so we’ll be able to ILL this should we need it.

Holly: Thank goodness! Who knows when there might be a dictation emergency!

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