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Christmas Ornament DIY

how to make christmas ornaments cover

How To Make Christmas Ornaments

Submitter: Decorate your tree 70’s style! Found this gem in the oversized book section. We especially adored the earrings and the “Christmas Tree.”

Holly: OMG, those earrings! Hiddeous. These ornaments look just like my grandma’s Christmas tree did most of my life. Grandma’s ornaments are a lovely thing to put on your tree, but if you are helping patrons look for books on to make Christmas ornaments, this book is probably not what they had in mind.



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Home Decor

Creative Home Decorations You Can Make


Creative Home Decorations You Can Make: Low-Cost Ways to Beautify Your Home

Submitter: I love crafts, and often hit up my local library for a good craft book. This is where I found this absolutely filthy book. Like many craft books from this era, all the images are black and white. The crafts themselves were uninspiring to boot!

Holly: Oooh, a felt clown picture. I know what Mary’s getting for Christmas.

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