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Designs for Your Home


Gloria Vanderbilt Designs for Your Home

This book screams 1977, from the cover to just about every project within. For example, you can make a telephone book cover, which is totally relevant and practical. There are all kinds of little crap crafts with oldie artwork you can stick on, and the artwork is even handily provided in pages of cut-outs (which were completely missing from the back of the copy I saw). If you’re a GVB fan (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?) you can even make a doll in her likeness. Check out the examples below!

Still rocking my GVB jeans, but letting go of all GVB decor,


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Scary Children’s Decor

childrens rooms coverChildren’s Rooms : how to decorate them to grow with your child

Submitter: I have attached copious images to truly understand how scary the designs of these rooms are. Creepy dolls galore.

Holly: Wow, those are some extremely overstimulating designs for sleeping children!

Mary: Now I am going to have nightmares. Just no.

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Plastic Pipe Furniture

Making Plastic Pipe Furniture coverMaking Plastic Pipe Furniture

​Submitter: This book has finally stopped checking out at our library so I can gladly weed it. This furniture probably IS cheap and easy to make (make your own plastic dining room table and chairs!), but I have to disagree with the author’s assertion that it is “possibly the most beautiful furniture anyone can build”. I just don’t see an umbrella stand made out of drain pipes fitting into most people’s decor nowadays – maybe if you had one of those 70s “junk art” houses, or you’re a hipster with an ironic appreciation for kitsch. Now some lucky DIYer can pick this up at our Friends’ book sale.

​Holly:​ I’m surprised it circulated for so long!  It’s an interesting idea, I guess, but the whole black-and-white format of the book is very dated.  I would not call this furniture “beautiful,” but it does have a certain practicality for the garage or as outdoor furniture.  There are lots of PVC furniture ideas on Pinterest, actually.

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