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Designs for Your Home


Gloria Vanderbilt Designs for Your Home

This book screams 1977, from the cover to just about every project within. For example, you can make a telephone book cover, which is totally relevant and practical. There are all kinds of little crap crafts with oldie artwork you can stick on, and the artwork is even handily provided in pages of cut-outs (which were completely missing from the back of the copy I saw). If you’re a GVB fan (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?) you can even make a doll in her likeness. Check out the examples below!

Still rocking my GVB jeans, but letting go of all GVB decor,


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Knit yourself a toilet cozy

Knitting for Your Home coverKnitting For Your Home

Submitter: My local library had this dated book in its crafts section. What caught my eye was the section on knitting for your toilet. I guess that makes sense since we do sit there for a spell each day.

Holly: Indeed we do! Do people still have those toilet tank cozies in their bathrooms? My grandma did in the 80s. Maybe she used this book for inspiration.

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Groovy Decor

Young Decorator coverThe Young Decorator

Ready to decorate your groovy pad? Solid! Here is a book for all your groovy decorating needs. Most of this decor could be characterized as “Brady Bunch” meets the “Jetsons” meets country chic.

This is a textbook for high school, yet I found it in a smallish public library. I don’t think it was there ironically. I can already hear the excuses: “It’s in great shape!” Weeding pro tip: If it is in great shape for a book that old, then probably no one thought it was worthwhile.  But those of you looking for some retro decorating ideas, you might find some of these pictures inspiring.


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