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David Dies at the End

David Has Aids coverDavid Has Aids

Yes, our friend Doris is back for another instructive lesson on the realities of life. In today’s story, a boy named David has AIDS (not HIV) and is dying. Long time readers will recognize the art and ridiculous non-story.  Be sure and click on her previous titles so you can get the full creepy experience.

Like her other books, there is no real story other than David has AIDS. Of course he is shunned and has no friends. A boy named Washington befriends him for maybe one page or so and then David dies. Grandma is kind enough to give David the 411 on death.  A feel good story if there ever was one.


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Beyond Awful…the “Great” Beyond!

Grandpa and Me: We Learn About Death

Submitter: I was a librarian at a church library for a while, and weeding was particularly hilarious/disturbing given the religious perspective of the materials.  Don’t get me wrong, these types of books are invaluable for parents, but keeping them relevant is important.

Holly: Submitter blogged about this book at http://seekingonething.blogspot.com/2009/05/gems-grandpa-and-me.html.  Basically, Grandpa finds a dead kitten and teaches Maria about death.  Then Grandma chimes in with a religion lesson on death.  Poor Grandpa dies next.  Maria has experience with death now, though, so she understands better what has happened to Grandpa and where he has gone.  The weird thing about this book is the pictures.  Grandpa holds the dead kitty out for Maria – and our dear youth readers – to see clearly!  Yes, kittens and people die.  Yes, we might find them in a barn. Yes, we have to bury them. No, we don’t have to hold out the cute little dead kitty for close inspection.

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Widow Maker

Teach Your Wife How to Be a WidowTeach your wife how to be a widow
U.S. News & World Report
Money Management Library

I have been doing my income taxes this past week so I was in no mood for this title to cross my desk.  Seriously?  What is the holding library thinking? The purpose of this book is to help those big strong husbands out there to explain the complicated world of money, investing, and insurance.   The tone of the book throughout assumes women barely touch money and men know a lot about managing money. This book is how you “teach” your obviously slow witted wife the ins and outs of money.  I am sure my mother would have been appalled in 1973, as well as 2011.

As a side note, I did remember as I flipped through this book that women had a hard time getting credit or even the time of day from financial institutions unless hubby co-signed or took care of the bills.  Ah the good old days!  Take a look at some sample pages (and yes, they are that old and crusty looking).


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