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Stacy Had a Little Sister

Stacy Had a little sisterStacy Had a Little Sister

Submitter: This book was written to help kids whose families were affected by SIDS [sudden infant death syndrome]. The cover alone is off putting enough for me- Stacy’s parents ooh and ahh over their new baby while Stacy herself seems to be plotting something. Sure enough, in the pages, the….interesting watercolor illustrations lead me to believe that Stacy definitely has more to do with her sister’s death than SIDS alone. She does not like the idea of having a new sister, and as in [the first image, below] seems to be contemplating her a little too seriously. When the big bad does happen we come to [image 2, below] – the adults are talking about what happened during the funeral I think. Stacy, however, looks like she needs to start plotting other accidents…THEY’RE ON TO HER. In the last photo, Stacy regards the picture of her and her sister sadly. Maybe she wouldn’t have minded being a big sister? Nah, being the only child rules!

Holly: Awwww, poor Stacy. I think she just looks sad, and possibly a little jealous of the attention.The second picture just looks to me like she really doesn’t understand what’s going on. I’d like to see more of the text of the story. Does it explain what SIDS is and ensure the child it is not her fault the baby died, even if she was jealous? I’m on the fence about this one until I see more of the story line. It’s close to 20 years old, though, so it should definitely be looked at for condition and currency of the information provided, if nothing else.

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Echoes of Love

Echoes of Love cover


Echoes of Love, From Heavens Above

Submitter: Published and purchased by our library in 2007, and circulated never.

Holly: There is a very specific audience for this book. It is cataloged with the subjects “narrative poetry” and “spirits.” It is about a woman named Lotte, her trials and tribulations, and how love transcends death. It would make a good read-alike for Sylvia Browne’s books. It was probably written in all sincerity, but I’m not surprised it never circulated. With a Dewey call number of 811.6, it is lumped in with other poetry books. It might do better in the 133’s where people who are into spirits and the afterlife will find it. I’d re-catalog it and try again before weeding it.

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David Dies at the End

David Has Aids coverDavid Has Aids

Yes, our friend Doris is back for another instructive lesson on the realities of life. In today’s story, a boy named David has AIDS (not HIV) and is dying. Long time readers will recognize the art and ridiculous non-story.  Be sure and click on her previous titles so you can get the full creepy experience.

Like her other books, there is no real story other than David has AIDS. Of course he is shunned and has no friends. A boy named Washington befriends him for maybe one page or so and then David dies. Grandma is kind enough to give David the 411 on death.  A feel good story if there ever was one.


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