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Bom Chicka Bow Wow

Meeting Women coverComplete Guide to Meeting Women

Submitter: The reasons it’s awful? Well….. first there’s THE COVER…. Another co-worker said he heard 70’s porn music immediately upon looking at it. And also it advocates date rape as a way to meet women (see pix of pages). It also has chapters on “using astrology to pick up women” and “using the powers of the mind” and advises all the great old standbys like asking a woman to rub suntan oil on you at the beach– with that carpet of hair like on the cover? Um…EW. And for those guys who “are tired of the liberated American women who are so busy trying to be equal to men that they have forgotten how to be ‘real’ women” there’s a chapter on how to find an Asian mail order bride.The SADDEST thing here? This was published not in the 1970’s, but in 1991. There’s even a website in the front– getgirls.com. And it’s…… special ……. too.

Holly: The cover is pretty bad!  In fact, the whole thing is awful.

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Cheap Dates

Dating for Under a Dollar

Thanks to a submitter for this wonderful book.  This is probably shelved right next to the “be cool” book posted earlier! Can you imagine how a young lady must feel if this is featured prominently in a some guy’s personal library?  The poor couple on the front looks like they spent all the money they have on hair products and valium.    Great idea for content, but seriously lacking in execution!


Stag Lines!


Bert Bacharach’s Book For Men
Bert Bacharach

Isn’t this a hoot?  Thanks to anonymous submitter! This book is clearly before my time, so I was trying to figure out the meaning of “stag lines” for every occasion.  (I have heard of  stag films.) I am thinking this is a 50’s version of pickup lines or anecdotes–maybe to impress women?  I also thought that maybe the author was composer Burt Bacharach.  Not so ALB music fans.  According to WorldCat, our man BERT is an author of all things hip and cool for the 1950’s and not a composer.  Anyone with insider info on this title please enlighten us to the real meaning of stag lines.  Love the cover!!!