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Finding Mr. Right

Finding Mr. Right

I know some of you have been missing our expert on the ladies, Don Diebel. Long time ALB folks will remember his wonderful advice for meeting women. I know everyone appreciated his stalker tactics and cheesy pick up lines.

This time Don has advice for the ladies! You can find those high quality men by hanging out in hotels, clubs, supermarkets, and human potential groups. He also talks about drugs. No, he doesn’t endorse them, but if they help you loosen up, what’s the harm?

Take a peek at some of this wonderful inside scoop into the mind of those “available” men. You will be happy to know that men helpfully gave Don exclusive interviews to let those ladies know what men don’t like.

I know all of you single ladies will run, not walk, to the library to get a hold of some of this stellar advice.

Glad I am not single,


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Sleazy Dating Tips for Gentlemen

Let's Make Mary coverLet’s Make Mary
(original copyright 1937)

Jack Hanley is one of the godfathers of sleazy materials.  Evidently this book is still in publication.  In 2011, Curzon Press released another edition.  Before the 2011 edition, the last published copy was in 1964.  Library holdings are in university collections.

Hanley has all sorts of good advice about making “friends” with the ladies.  (He also reminds us she probably is no lady, if she is “friendly”).  Other strategies include alcohol, overwhelming physical attention (read: rape), and how to choose the right target.  I can’t decide if this is a hilarious attempt at dating advice or semi-serious.  This is what my father would call a dirty book.

Anyone know anything about this book?

-Mary (Not the one on the cover)

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Dating for Divorcees


The Divorced Woman’s Guide to Meeting  New Men
Where To Go and What To Do To Find Your Man

A couple of friends I know are going through divorces. I can’t wait to share this cutting edge advice on dating. I also haven’t quite figured out why this stuff only applies to divorced women.  Maybe I just don’t understand lonely women. I am glad the author is so in tune with today’s women.

I think all of you women out there should really try and use some of these “ice breakers” next time you are at the store or a cocktail party. My personal favorite:  “Have you tried this floor wax”?


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