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Dance the night away

latin dancing cover

The Official Guide to Latin Dancing

I was weeding the 700s the other day and look what I found. This book is the companion to this Disco book we featured a while back. I am not a dancer although back in the 1970s I did attempt the Hustle and other disco favorites back in the day. I even remember looking at library books to figure out a few moves. It didn’t work. (I’m not going to blame the book, I will own the lack of dance skills) I would imagine this book is similar. I think folks looking for dance instruction are looking to different media and maybe dance instruction books will become obsolete.

Dancing in the stacks,


PS. Take a look at the harem pants on one of the dancers. You’re welcome.

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Dancing in the Stacks

Tap Dancing cover

Tap Dancing

I am sure that all the kids will lining up to pick up some tap dance tips from this attractive book. I initially thought this book was much older than 1971 given the somewhat 50s-looking cover costume. (I think my dad’s high school prom picture circa 1954 sported a similar look.

In my new job, I am tasked with the 700s and I have to wonder if maybe dance instruction books are obsolete. Is a book the best way to learn dancing? I’d be curious to hear how other dance instruction books compare to instructional DVDs.

Library science aside, I must reject this book on principle for the odd looking clownish type costume on the kid in the second picture below. <shudders>



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Disco Lives!

Disco Dance Steps coverDisco Dance Steps

Submitter: […My] coworkers know I love disco music.  Sadly, I can’t dance, even with the help of the hundreds of disco tutorials on YouTube. But I love this book. However, most of our dance items that are checked out are DVDs and usually those are checked out by people about to get married so they can learn to do their wedding dance.  Did you know there’s different types of The Hustle? I had no idea.

Holly: An oldie but goodie (on ALB, anyway…we posted this one back in 2009, very shortly after this site was first launched). Submitter has vastly improved upon that post, though, so let’s talk disco dancing again! Apparently our first post didn’t inspire you all to weed this one, so let’s try again. As a matter of fact, we’ve posted a LOT of disco books over the years and they still keep getting submitted! Every one of you: go to the shelves and WEED THE DISCO BOOKS. Disco is dead.


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