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Casserole Cozies

casserole cozie cover

Casserole Coasters & Cozies
Annie’s Attic

With the summer starting, I am sure everyone wants to have their casseroles look stylish on the picnic table or at the neighborhood potluck. Worry no more! Here are some fabulous casserole and coaster cozies to make. I am certain there is a pattern to make even the most bland potato salad or green bean casserole look appetizing.

As a collection item, I think this would be an excellent choice for a public library craft collection. I think my crochet patrons would check this out in a hot minute. Personally, I am just not that fond of the colors and design.



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Creative Crap You can Make

creative handcrafts cover

McCall’s Annual of Creative Handcrafts
Comstock, ed.

Breakout the needles and crochet hooks everyone. We have some lovely outfits for you to craft, not to mention some cute animals and “whimsical action figures” too. (Warning! Knitted clown figure in the last picture. Proceed at your own risk.) The lace coverup isn’t too bad in my fashion-challenged opinion, however that granny “square”skirt has some serious issues. I have no idea what is going on with the “vest”/jewelry thing paired with the skirt.

I might be inspired to breakout my crafting supplies and watch re-runs of the Brady Bunch.


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Crochet Fashion

Big & Little Crochets

I know all you fashion forward library geeks can hardly resist anything knitted. What’s not to love? Ponchos and vests are a great way to feel comfortable at the reference desk. Guybrarians everywhere are loving that they are not excluded from this fashion trend!

I found this crochet pattern while looking for something else and could not stop laughing. I remember when the vest thing was somewhat cool (Yeah, I grew up in the middle of Illinois surrounded by corn, this would qualify as cool). I remember that everyone’s mom and grandma would make these things, probably so everyone would match the afghan on the couch. The best part is that the flip side picture is the women’s version. I will leave it to everyone’s imagination on what someone would wear underneath that dress. The little girls at least get tights.



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