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Fun with Assault

looking forward to being attacked cover

Looking Forward to Being Attacked

Since Holly and I are trying get our website in shape, I started thinking about some of our first books. More like a “where are they now” type of moment. This particular book always made me laugh and I wondered if I could find it and really take a look.

I found a copy and I have looked at this book cover to cover. I am cracking up even harder than I did in 2009. It is still an awesome book, complete with some lovely late 1970s fashion and women fending off criminals. You will notice in our first safety scenario a guy with a paper bag on his head is grabs a woman’s breasts. Really.  For all our librarians, you will appreciate the scenario of being attacked in the library. Note the book on the floor: Escape from Freedom by Erich Fromm (1941). Nice artistic touch for the scenario. Too bad there is a continuity error in the next photo when the book disappears. Maybe the criminal wanted a newer edition? If you want to see the original post, click here. There is a nice pic of the table of contents.

Stay Safe Out There!


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Teen-Age Vice!

Teen-Age Vice coverTeen-Age Vice (original title: Designs in Scarlet)
1939, revised 1957

How about a read on the hows and whys of teens in trouble? From my brief skim, this book is more about titillation rather than informational. Who wouldn’t want to pick up this book based on the title and the cover art?  Cooper, himself was a bit of a show stopper as a writer and an expert on circuses. (Great, now I have a mashup of True Crime and clowns going on in my head…)

Cooper has detailed accounts of how prison will turn men into homosexuals, and big government projects, like a dam or a bridge, will bring in hookers to a nice town. Major Causes of teen vice? Liquor, premarital sex, masturbation, hanging out in juke joints, and lack of adult supervision. (You know, all the fun stuff.) The consequences are homosexuality, prostitution and drug abuse.

I guess our society is doomed.


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Cop Jobs

Law Enforcement Employment Guide coverLaw Enforcement Employment Guide

Submitter: This book was found in a medium-large academic library. It’s obviously a very dated choice for today – see the salary range and the utter lack of email addresses and web sites. I’ll bet that a fair number of the mailing addresses have changed by now. I’m not so sure that it was even all that great a selection for us back in 1989. We have never, to my knowledge, offered a Criminal Justice program. The attached scan from Macon is the only entry for Georgia. Is there another big city in Georgia that might need police?? I included p. 45 in case you’re wondering about the “pioneers in the use of computers”  mentioned on the back cover. This page is in the middle of the entry on the Illinois State Police. The map on the cover excludes Alaska and Hawaii, although both are included in the text. Don’t you love that rendering of the U.P.? WorldCat still lists 121 libraries holding this item (although it’ll be down to 120 by the time you can publish this in a post)! The Library of Congress and the FBI library both hold this title. I say let them be the ones to keep if for historical reasons.

Holly: WorldCat now shows 184 holdings of 2 editions. No one will miss this if you weed it, people. I promise.


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