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Pop Topping

Pop Topping coverPop-Topping
Pop-Top Terp, Patton, and Freeman

Submitter: I’m a librarian for a community college and recently weeded this book, which I found so ridiculous and enjoyable that I kept it for myself.  The covers are great; the photos inside are unbelievable!  These people were so crazy about pop-topping that they held conventions and even covered their dogs in what I can only describe as doggie chain-mail.

Holly: I received this tweet from Mary:

tweet from Mary

Mary, are you making doggie chain-mail in a library craft program?

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Groovy Pillows

Pillows - coverPillows: Designs, Patterns, Projects

Submitter: It is a 1978 DIY guide for how to make groovy pillow designs with butterfly appliqués (among others).  The disturbing thing to me about this loser is that it sat for DECADES before it got pulled THIS MONTH.

Holly: Craft books go out of date so quickly!

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More Macrame!

Plant Hangers:  Ideas and Techniques

Submitter: Yes, really.  I just pulled this a few minutes ago from a satelite library that is in my school.  Much like the library that I inherited, it hasn’t been weeded in 38 years.  Today I have discovered all types of treats but this one in particular caught my eye because of its interesting rendition of a macramé female with foliage reproductive organs.  Far out, man.

Holly: What the heck is that thing at the bottom, left corner of the cover? A macrame plant stand of a human body with a plant coming out of its stomach? That is weird.  It may seem like we’re picking on macrame here at ALB.  Ok, we kind of are. If it is truly making a comeback (I’m skeptical…), then buy some new books! What do people macrame these days? iPod covers? Cell phone caddies?