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Rhodesia: In Pictures

Holly: Rho-what??  Why do public and school libraries insist upon having country books in their collections for countries that no longer exist…and haven’t existed in a full generation of library users?  Pass them along to an archive or special history/geography library.  Please.

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I Come From a Land Down Under

Let's Visit Australia cover


Let’s Visit Australia

Yes, this is still in an active youth nonfiction collection. We have featured some real “winners” here at ALB. We have a regular United Nations of outdated information going. This is NOT better than nothing.  There is probably better current information on Australia on the menu of an Outback restaurant than contained in this book. Take a look at these pages and then run to the 900s and weed those country books.



Spanning the Globe:

Our Exotic Friends in South America

“Real” Eskimos

Our Jewish Neighbors

Why the Chinese Are the Way They Are

Grecian Vacation

Japan Expo Guide

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Checkerboard Geography Library: The Countries

Submitter: This is a new book and the content is fine. I just found the cover a little odd. What is the boy with the magnifying glass looking for? Taliban?

Holly: I wouldn’t necessarily call 2002 “new,” and I’m actually surprised that submitter says the content is fine.  Afghanistan has changed drastically since 2002!  Is there a newer edition than 2002 that WorldCat isn’t coming up with?  I have not seen the book, so I’ll leave you all to go comb through your country books to see if you have it.  (What is the boy with the magnifier looking for??)