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A Question for the Ages


The English: Are They Human?

Came across this title and of course I had to get a look at this book.  What a title! From what I can gather this was written by a Dutchman trying to explain the English. This book explains so much! I am sure that my UK friends will be glad to know that this book exists so that those of us from the outside can really understand the particular quirks of the English.

My particular copy came from a university collection and was falling apart. I hope that someone does take some time to give that copy a bit of care. Future generations will need this book to explain those complex English folk.



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Germany coverGermany

Holly: There are an embarrassing number of public and public school libraries that still own this title.  Country books get old after ten years, max (less than that depending on political climate, major events, etc.).  This book is 61 years old!  My parents are only slightly older than that.  This would have been a fine choice for their public and school libraries when they were kids, but a lot has changed in Germany since 1951.  A LOT.  Just look at this map for starters: Continue reading


Rhodesia: In Pictures

Holly: Rho-what??  Why do public and school libraries insist upon having country books in their collections for countries that no longer exist…and haven’t existed in a full generation of library users?  Pass them along to an archive or special history/geography library.  Please.

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