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Grecian Vacation

Land and Isles of GreeceThe Land and Isles of Greece: The Complete Vacation Guide For All Budgets

Submitter: This book is living life at my local public library, still giving out 1966 travel advice for those who want to visit Greece. I know their economy has tanked, and I am pretty sure hotels are no longer $8 a night. I am also suspect on those temperatures. I would guess, with global warming, they have risen slightly since 1966.

Holly: This is a prime example of how world events require updates in the travel section. Remember Hurricane Katrina? All the New Orleans books needed updates. Remember the Indian Ocean tsunami? Yup, update. Earthquake in Japan? You got it. Greece is in the middle of a financial crisis that absolutely affects travel. Hopefully our patrons are smart enough to realize that hotels are not $8 a night, but honestly I wouldn’t count on it. Maybe they think it’s a really great exchange rate.


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Vietnam Policy For Kids

Vietnam coverLet’s Visit Vietnam

And we are back with another country book from olden times. This is less about the country and people of Vietnam and more about US involvement and the fight against communism. I practically expected Lyndon Johnson to pop out from the pages and tell me to get with the program.  I especially cringed at the reference to the “yellow branch of the human family.” Even by the time Saigon fell in 1975, this book would have been woefully inadequate and should have been weeded by then.


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Game On

Games of Many Nations

Submitter: Found this little gem on my cart when I was pulling books that have not circulated in the last 3 years. After randomly flipping pages and reading a few games aloud to my coworker, we decided we had to send it in as a submission. Fun for all ages! (Sadly we will be withdrawing this one so someone can scoop it up in our next book sale.)

Holly: The first game pictured below, Denmark’s “Bird’s Alive” has people passing paper or a stick ON FIRE around a circle until it goes out IN SOMEONE’S HAND. Denmark readers, please weigh in. Is this a thing?

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