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Game On

Games of Many Nations

Submitter: Found this little gem on my cart when I was pulling books that have not circulated in the last 3 years. After randomly flipping pages and reading a few games aloud to my coworker, we decided we had to send it in as a submission. Fun for all ages! (Sadly we will be withdrawing this one so someone can scoop it up in our next book sale.)

Holly: The first game pictured below, Denmark’s “Bird’s Alive” has people passing paper or a stick ON FIRE around a circle until it goes out IN SOMEONE’S HAND. Denmark readers, please weigh in. Is this a thing?

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Canada Again

Canada - coverCanada
The land and its people

Country books are a pet peeve of mine. Canada, in particular, has been suffering the indignity of having some seriously outdated materials stuck in Michigan libraries. (You know who you are.) We should be showing some respect. After all, they are our neighbors. I can already hear the judgmental sighs from my Canadian friends all the way to Ottawa.

Go weed the country books. Do it for Canada.


For all you library nerds, I urge you to check out the Haskell Free Library and Opera House in Derby Line, VT and Stanstead, QC. This public library that has the unique distinction of having the US-Canadian border running right through the library’s reading room.

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Japan Expo Guide

Japan Expo Guide coverJapan Expo ’70 Guide

Submitter: Another horribly outdated travel book. The sad thing is this actually circulated 10 years after the Expo! Even sadder is that it’s been sitting on the shelf for 30 more years. Imagine a deluxe hotel today going for $18 a night. We love the suggestion of packing a fur stole. We are a state library.

Holly: Cool book in 1970. By 1980 it was pretty much done-for. Now? Doorstop.

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