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Magical Decorated Cakes


Pasteles Magicos Decorados
Welsh, French

Submitter: Here is book I just discarded from our library collection. The title of our book is Magical Decorated Cakes. I also took a picture of one of the cakes inside the book, a typewriter cake.

Holly: These cakes are awesome!  This book would be REALLY cool if it showed you how to make a cake in the shape of an iPhone or an eReader.  Unfortunately…it doesn’t.

Fear Factor or Fine Food?

The Good Cook: Snacks & Sandwiches
Time-Life Books

Submitter: I just weeded this from our collection.  The photo on the cover is awful!  The content isn’t half bad, but that cover just stops me dead.  I was afraid to open the book!

Holly: Ick!  You figure they probably put the most appetizing thing on the cover to make you buy the book.  If that’s the case, then I have NO desire to read this one!  I’m a pretty adventurous eater – not picky at all – but I would think twice before serving this to…well, anyone.

Boys in the Kitchen

The First Book of Boys’ Cooking

Gotta love the titles that pre-date ME!
Love the recipes and I noticed that even the language would be archaic by today’s standards.  Would kids even know that a fridge was known as an “icebox”?  This really does belong in an archive.  What a great find!  I have even included a few recipes since I am sure you young men out there would love to know the secrets of exceptional cooking!


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