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Serving Food – Attractively!

present and serve food attractively coverHow to Present and Serve Food Attractively

I first read this title thinking you had to be pretty to serve this food. Well, so much for serving attractively at my house! I am also intrigued by the concept of a “dew-fresh hostess” as described on the back cover. Not only do I have to serve nice food, but I have to look “dew-fresh” serving it.  At my age, I think I fall under the dry and crusty category.

This book hasn’t circulated in over a decade, so I am ready to say that this is a shelf-sitter. (Library tongue twister: say that 5 times fast). I am sure there is nothing wrong with this book other than it screams “my library’s cookbook collection is dated.”

Take a look at these pictures and ask yourself, “Does the food look attractive?” Maybe it did in 1976.


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Kitchen Tech

Computer Programs for the Kitchen - cover

Computer Programs for the Kitchen

Technology is everywhere–even in the kitchen! You can even make a database of your recipes complete with notes on calories, allergies, servings etc. It is truly amazing! There are even recipes in this computer manual. What probably was an interesting choice in the early 80s, is ridiculous in 2012.


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Meals for 1 or 2

Meals for One or TwoMeals for One or Two
Better Homes and Gardens

Submitter: I work at the highest circulating branch in a large southwest county library system and found this gem sitting on our high-traffic cooking display.  I don’t know what staff member thought this should go on a display rather than the weed bin.  How embarrassing, it even has water damaged pages.

Holly: Cookbooks age like anything else.  BH&G cranks out plenty of cookbooks every year.  If funds and space are tight, weed and replace with a few new titles every 5-10 years and you’ll be better off than keeping this around.

As an aside, what is the fascination with the word “tangy” in these old cookbooks?  What, exactly, is tangy? Is it spicy? Sour? Salty?

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