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Spry coverAunt Jenny’s Favorite Recipes
Lever Brothers Co.

Submitter: This came from the Home Economics section of a local library and was then donated with other treasures to the local High School library. 49 pages…many with pictures and captions like the attached….. book is a blatant advertisement for Spry (Lever Brothers)…notice the Goodhousekeeping Seal on back cover…From 1937 to 1956 CBS Radio featured “Aunt Jenny’s Real Life Stories” serial segments every day during the week for 15 minutes. The show was sponsored all those years by Spry and Aunt Jenny plugged Spry throughout the episodes.  One of the first “product placements”?  I know they made Spry after 1956, but don’t know how long.  This book has to date late 1940’s early 1950’s because it’s cued to the radio show.

Holly: WorldCat puts this book at “193-?”  so it is unclear what its actual publication date is.  This is really interesting, and I’d love to leaf through it.  It still doesn’t belong in either a public or high school library, though.

Mary:  My mother remembers Spry as a the shorthand term for shortening into the 50’s.  This is one of the best examples to date that need preservation in an archive, not in a public or school library.

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