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A Real Sausage Fest!

All About Sausage coverAll About Sausage
Consumer Services at Oscar Mayer & Co.

I truly am mesmerized by the array of beautiful meats presented here. I have scanned the best ones. If you are planning a Christmas holiday party, I really recommend the “meat tree.” I think the green olives give it a real holiday feel. Of course you should not be surprised that this wonderful cookbook was brought to you by Oscar Mayer.

Weenies for everyone!


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100 Tasty Ways to Please Your Family

Tasty Meals to please your family cookbook

So-Good Meals
Better Homes and Gardens

Here is a nearly perfect relic from the 1960s sitting in a public library, just waiting to be selected for ALB. I get the feeling the excellent condition of this book means that either it was a donation gone wrong or a terrible purchase in the first place. I have no circ data to call upon, but my money is on donation sometime before the library automated. There are some lovely old processing relics still attached to this book.

Again, cookbooks do go in and out of fashion so weeding is important, especially since space might be an issue. I have picked some of the more attractive pictures to get your taste buds excited. Women, you might want to pay special attention to those recipes to keep your man satisfied.  I dare someone to eat the food presented in the last two pictures–the Winter Garden Loaf and the Frozen Fruit Salad.

Bon Appetit!

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Not Your Mama’s Lean Cuisine


Lean Cuisine: Delicious Recipes for the Healthy Stay-Slender Life

When I saw this, I immediately thought it was THE “Lean Cuisine,” but then found out that the Lean Cuisine brand wasn’t started until 1981.  This was just a clever play on words for a health food cookbook.

The cover has that glossy plastic food look that lots of 1970s cookbooks have.  I don’t have any scans from inside the book, but the only review on Amazon says, ” I was disappointed at the number of recipes,I really thought there would be more.”

This is an easy weeder. People will confuse it with THE Lean Cuisine and be disappointed.