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Your Sex Pot Handbook

Sex Pots and Pans  - cover

Sex Pots… And Pans
The single girl’s to hooking her man-through cooking

Ladies! Are you worried about snagging that man? Today’s post features a guy telling you how to get a husband using your culinary talents. (Don’t you just love when a man is unselfish and gives you such good advice?)

Naturally, it also helps if you are pretty too. Combine the pretty and the cooking and you are well on your way to getting that husband you have always been pining for since you were a little girl.

Start cooking and heat up more than the kitchen!



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Minimal Effort Cooking

Jiffy Cooking
Better Homes and Gardens
Meredith Corporation

Once again, we are featuring another cookbook from yesteryear. Can you open a can? Can you stir? Do you just want to keep people fed and everyone to shut up about the damn dinner? This book is for you. My mom was that cook and so was her mom. I also carried on the tradition when I was making meals for my family. Is it edible? Probably. Are people going to call you a good cook or ask for the recipe? Not at all.

We have some seriously good “church potluck” type recipes that require ground beef and a can of soup. Standard favorites from the 60s are here: Jello, instant mashed potatoes, mayonaise, canned tuna, noodles, and hot dogs. I am sure your mouth is watering from all the delicious options!



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