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Come to the library to cure your agoraphobia!

Agoraphobia workbook cover


The Agoraphobia Workbook: A Comprehensive Program to End Your Fear of Symptom Attacks
Pollard and Zuercher-White

Submitter: We all wondered how exactly an agoraphobic would find this book on the shelves of our library? And I thought the inside should read “You are cured!” if indeed someone suffering from agoraphobia did check it out.
Are you surprised to learn that it never once circulated and was in pristine condition?

Holly: I am surprised by the pristine condition part. Workbooks get written in within seconds of hitting the shelves. My library has a home delivery service for people who are homebound…maybe there are some potential readers there! Or for people who are trying to understand their agoraphobic friends/family. I have less issue with the subject matter and more issue with its age and the workbook format.



Be Courageous and meet John Stamos

Yes, I Can coverYes, I Can!

Long time readers will automatically recognize the creepy style of illustrations. (Newbies to our site probably should warm up with the our category of Doris Hall of Infamy.) Today’s story features Stacy and her cerebral palsy. She is just like you, but evidently people treat her differently. Naturally, she somehow makes friends with John Stamos (yup, that John Stamos) and he likes her and gave her an autographed picture. I didn’t quite follow how attending a John Stamos concert figured into a cerebral palsy diagnosis, but our gal Doris isn’t really good with her plot lines. However, she did get to go to prom at the end of the story and no, it wasn’t with John Stamos.


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Diabetes and Pregnancy

Diabetes and Pregnancy coverDiabetes and Pregnancy
A Guide for the Prospective Mother with Diabetes
Graber, Christman, Rawlings, and Boehm

Isn’t this an attractive looking book? I think the excessive tape and dirt also add to its ambiance. The big question is why is it still in a public library health collection? I hate to go off on a rant, but this just kills me. Hopefully this was a book that fell through the cracks and isn’t indicative of the rest of the health collection. Seriously, this is NOT better than nothing.

I would also like to suggest that department heads and directors seriously look at data regarding the age. Median age and average are good tools for evaluating collections. If your staff aren’t getting this done, especially in time sensitive collections like medical and legal information, please get with them and re-prioritize collection maintenance tasks. Don’t let this book happen to you!


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