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Managing CAD/CAM

Managing CAD/CAM: Implementation, organization, and Integration

Submitter: I don’t have a book we weeded from the collection. More of a preemptive weed.  A very nice older gentlemen donated the attached book. It has never been opened.  He told us that the “Youth” will need this to pass their CAD class.

Holly: For those who don’t know, CAD is computer-aided design and CAM is computer-aided manufacturing.  Important topic here in the Detroit area and worth a title, but not this one. Time to update!

More Interwebs for Beginners

Wading the World Wide Web : Internet activities for beginners

Submitter: Ah, the ever popular technology choice: a book on the World Wide Web that’s more than a decade old! How many teachers are going to want a book that doesn’t mention Google, but includes detailed information on how a modem works?

Holly: Good grief.  There is no end to old computer books.  Yes, commenters, we know you love them.  Please do buy them in the book sale, yard sales, and eBay.  I’ll stand by the idea that they don’t belong in public libraries.

Computer Fun

Science Projects with Computers
Schulman, et. al.

This book is so old that the computer on the cover doesn’t have a mouse. I believe that girl’s finger is poised over one of the function keys!  Remember when bolding, underlining, etc. were achieved by some combination of <alt>, <ctrl>, <shift>, and a function key?  They made keyboard overlay guides out of cardboard so you could remember the combinations.  This book will win you no blue ribbons at the science fair, trust me.