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Know the Score

Know the Score coverKnow the Score: Video Games in Your High-Tech World

Submitter: When I found this book, I happened to glance over at the kids gaming on our computers–our slim, stream-lined computers and thought WOW! This should have been pulled years ago! I guess if someone wanted a laugh, they could flip through this book. Isn’t photo #3 the wizard from ‘Big’?? Haha.

Holly: I’m sure we posted this book in the early days of ALB, but darned if I can find the post. If it’s still lingering in libraries, it’s worth posting again! Continue reading

Games People Play

More New Games…and Playful Ideas from the New Games Foundation

Submitter: The book about new games is from the early 1980’s and to me it looks like it was put out by some dirty  hippies who wanted to play ‘games’ that taught lessons and allowed for lots of group groping.
Holly: Well, it’s certainly seen better days physically, anyway. I’d weed it on condition alone.  Sucks to be the girl at the far right of this picture.  I mean, she doesn’t get a back rub in the “group back rubs” that you’re “all set up for” at the end of the game.

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